*starting at 3 syringes for $1599. Additional syringe $450 each.

During your evaluation, we will discuss your individual face structure and technique options to achieve restoration of facial volume and lift. Dermal fillers will be used with various injection techniques. Expect a range of 3 to 6 syringes in order to achieve adequate correction. Under treating with less volume than recommended will not give you the results you are looking for!

Prior to your visit: stop any aspirin, NSAIDs, or blood thinners for 5-7 days prior.

During treatment: Various techniques using traditional fine needles, with or without cannula technique, will be used to inject the dermal filler. Total time once treatment begins will be approximately 20-30 minutes. There is lidocaine mixed into the syringe so discomfort is minimized and usually present during the initial injection.

After treatment: expect some swelling immediately following treatment, that will subside over the following 5-7 days. There may also be minimal bruising. You may feel mild soreness for a few days following treatment as well.