Neurotoxins are an excellent way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases. They are most often used on forehead lines and crow’s feet (lines around the eye). There are also areas around the mouth and neck that can be injected for various reasons which would be determined during your custom treatment planning.

What to expect at your visit:

your provider will evaluate your individual goals and anatomy and discuss the plan. Once started, the treatment takes about 15 minutes and involves an extremely fine needle with tiny doses of the medication in each site. Dose is dependent on area injected, but typically expect 12-16 unit between the eyebrows (11 lines), 10-16 units across the forehead, and 12-16 units total for both eyes.

After your visit:

you will have no social downtime. We will ask you avoid applying makeup for 8-12 hours following injection, and not do strenuous exercise for 24 hours, nor lie down for approximately 3 hours after, as to avoid unintentional spread of the medication to undesirable areas adjacent to treatment sites.

Results last approximately 3-4 months before having to repeat the treatment.