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$1600 for 2 vial session/ includes award winning Alastin Regenerating SKin Nectar for best results.

Bio-compatibe injection that will smooth loose skin and restore volume loss occuring from natural aging and weight loss.

Sculptra is a synthetic substance that will be carried into the tissue by water, and then eventually STIMULATE biological pathways to produce NEW COLLAGEN. The results begin about 4 weeks after injection, continue for several months after, and last up to 2 years! Good for cheeks, hollow under cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin, jaw, and temples. Also has skin benefits for tightening and brightening.

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Reveal Fresh Skin.

A very fine and precise skin blade is used to gently remove the uppermost layers of your skin, including fine hairs. Treatment will reveal new and undamaged skin, allow for optimal absorption of skin care products, and promote healthy cell turnover.

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Facial Services


Advanced Medical Skin Care Procedures

Experience your best skin with carefully crafted treatments by our expert esthetician, ranging from express on-the-go procedures, to advanced in-depth rejuvenation.

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Lip Flip


Add height and projection with carefully placed neurotoxin to the lip.

A quick fix using small amounts of neurotoxin to the lip to project and raise it, giving a little perk and illusion of volume without filler.

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Liquid Face Lift

from $1599*

Restore volume and shape to the face and cheeks, defying the effects of gravity.

Dermal filler is used to restore volume to the mid face and cheek, which can lift all of the tissue structures in the mid and lower face. The final result is an uplifted mid and lower face, less pronounced creases around the mouth, and reduction in any sagging of the lower face.

*starting at 3 syringes for $1599. Additional syringe $450 each.

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In person or virtual visit to decide what treatment will meet your needs.

If you are unsure exactly what you would like to do, we can discuss all of the options and customize your treatment plan.

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Lip Service

$650 per syringe

Restore balance, volume, and hydration with hyaluronic acid lip filler.

At your appointment, our provider will carefully craft your treatment with our variety of products and techniques to achieve the lip of your dreams.

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$12 per unit

Relaxing facial anatomy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The most widely used and satisfying anti-aging procedure, eliminating wrinkles with injectable neurotoxin will erase years off your look.

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from $250

Non-invasive facial contouring and skin tightening.

Treat yourself with the celebrity-go-to procedure for non-invasive facial contouring and tightening. Using state of the art radiofrequency technology, Forma reverses the loosening of the skin. Lipolysis (fat melting) is also achieved when desired.

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$1020 (pkg 3)

Treat pigmented and vascular lesions.

Treat brown spots, sun spots, acne discoloration, facial capillaries, rosacea and scars with an industry leading IPL for the ultimate pigment correction. Lumecca package includes Alastin specialty A-Luminate Serum to additionally correct pigment and then further prevent any recurrent discoloration. Clinical studies of A-Luminate went head to head with hydroquinone with better performance in reducing dark spots and without the adverse potential effects of HQ.

Face treatment- $315 per session. Face plus neck and décolleté - $415 per session

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I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to combine my love for science, with the craftsmanship of aesthetics, in order to elevate each of Maeve’s clients.

-Amanda Whitehead, Owner

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